Thursday, August 7, 2008


In all the avatharams of the lord, the fiercest is that of lord Narasimha. It is a common knowledge that the lord took the form of Narasimha (half lion and half man) in order to vanquish the asura Hiranyakasapu.

In Parthasarathy kovil, in Chennai there is a separate sannidhi for Narasimha, here the moolavar (the stone idol) is in yoga posture. The utsava murti (processional idol) is called Azhagiya singar (coarse translation means beautiful lion) who gives dharshan in four hands the two upper arms hold the chakram (in the right) and sankhu (in the left) while the lower arms are in yoga poses. The beauties of the lower arms are truly wonderful. The fingers of the left arm are folded as if to call you and the right arm is in abhaya pose (which represents protection, peace, benevolence, and dispelling of fear).

By this the lord is conveying to the devotees that he is indeed kind and large hearted and we need not be scared to approach Narasimha. Incidentally the utsava murti of Sholingar has the same posture (who is called Bhakta vatshala perumal).

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