Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sthala Sayana Perumal at Thiru Kadal Mallai

The lord is found in Sayana sevai (kidantha thirukolam / sleeping posture) in 27 divya desams. The most common or abundant is Bhujanga sayanam (20 Divya desams), the most popular being Sri Rangam. Emperumaan in 26 divya desams recline on Ananda (five headed snake popularly known as Adhisesha). In Thiru Kadal Mallai the lord reclines on floor (Bhoomi / Sthal) with four hands.

The front two hands rests on Bhoomi and points towards His Lotus feet. While the lord’s right rear arm rest under his head and the left arm is in rising position as if to call the bhakths. Here the emperuman appears in a simple form without AdhisEsha, Chanku (counch) and chakram (discus), as he appeared in this divya desam to appreciate the rishi’s devotion and not to save or protect his bhaktha (rishi) from any evil or deamon. Pundarika Muni is seen with folded arms in the sanctum sanctorum by the lotus feet of the lord.

As if following suit with the lord, Thayar in this temple is also sitting on the floor (instead of sitting on lotus as seen in other temples) in a separate sannidhi. Thayar is named as “Nilamangai Thayar” which means Thayar is sitting on the floor.

Utsavar in this lovely temple is Sthalasayanatturaivaar also known as Ulagyuua ninraan, he portrays a lotus bud in his right arm. The lord is seen wearing a sweater to protect him from the cold as this picture was taken during the month of puratassi (December to January) which being the coldest months during the year in this part.

Legend has it thus: Pundareeka Maharshi, who was staying in Mahaballipuram, desirous of worshipping Lord Vishnu with 1000 lotus patels, proceeded eastward and was trying to drain the waters of the ocean to make his way. Pleased with the effort of the rishi, Lord Narayana came in the guise of an old man and asked for some food. Leaving aside the work of removing the water the rishi went to fetch him some food, and when he returned he found Lord Vishnu adorning Himslef with the flowers and giving dharsan as Ananthasayanam and having adorned himself with 1000 lotus petals. The lord is to have touched the sea water to swap away or to dry the sea water on behalf of rishi, by His soft hand. Hence the sea here is called "artha sEthu".

MangalAsAsanam: Thirumangai Alwar has sung 26 pasurams (1088- 1107, 1195, 1551, 2050, 2060, 2673, 2674) and Boothat Alwar has sung 1 pasuram (2251) on this divya desam.

Location: This temple is in Mahabalipuram which is 50 Kms south of Chennai and is well connected by road. Plenty of buses ply from Chennai. East Coast road from Chennai is good and the travel time is less than an hour on this toll road.

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