Tuesday, September 23, 2008

All under one Vimanam

Lord would give dharshan either in sitting (irundha), sleeping (kidhandha) or in standing (nindra) pose in various temples, the key word being either. However, one gets to see the Lord in Sitting, sleeping and standing poses all encased within the body of the vimanam superstructure in Parameswara vinnagaram.

As you walk into the temple you would be blessed with the view of moolavar (presiding deity) in irundha thirukolam (sitting posture) who is Vaikuntha Nathan or Paramapada Nathan facing west. Taayaar of this divya desam is Vaikuntha Valli and is in a separate sannidhi facing east. Like some temples in Kanchipuram Perumal and Taayaar are seen facing each other (west and east).

The uniqueness of the temple has just begun, when you come round the sanctum sanctorum, right behind you would find a small entrance and a flight of stairs which would lead you to another sannidhi, in first floor, where Lord is in kidhandha thirukolam (sleeping posture) with Sridevi and Bhudevi. When you go to the next level (second floor) you have Lord as Paravasudevan in nindra thirukolam (standing posture). Archanai to the Ranganathar in the first floor are done only on ekadasi as that is only day you could have access to view both Ranganathar and Paravasudevan. Archanai is not performed for Paravasudevar. The picture below is Paravasudevar as seen on Srirangam vimanam.
As you walk out after dharshan you would be amazed by the architecture. The covered passage around the sanctum is supported by lion pillars and the walls contain historic inscriptions related to the wars between the pallavas and the chalukyas. This temple was constructed by Nandi Varma Pallavan II between 717 and 779 AD.

Legend goes thus: Dwara Balagas (gate keepers of the Lord) were born as sons to King Veerochana, who prayed the Lord for children. Villavan and Pallavan (Dwara balagas) performed aswamedha yagam, pleased with their prayers, Lord appeared in form of Narayanam in Irundha thirukolam (sitting posture). As the Lord gave his seva as Paramapadha – Sri vaikundanathan, this divya desam is known as Vaikunda Perumal kovil.

The vimanam is called Mukunda vimanam but since it is constructed as Ashtanga vimanam, it is included among temples with Ashtanga vimanam.
The temple is being maintained by Department of Archeology.

Mangalaasaasanam: Thirumangai Alwar has sung 10 pasuram (1128 to 1137) on this divya desam.
Location: This temple is near the bus stand in Kanchipuram, which is about 75 Kms. from Chennai.

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