Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Unique form at Ooragam

We have seen the lord in different pose in various temples. He would give his dharshan in Nindra thirukolam (Standing pose), Kidhanda thirukolam (Sleeping pose) or Irundha thirukolam (Sitting pose) or even as he is walking (temples where the lord is depicted as Thivikraman). In this Divya Desam emperuman is unique in all counts.

Emperuman has manifested in the form of Anandan (popularly known as Adhiseshan, the five headed snake) in this temple. He is present in a seperate sannidhi next to Ulagalandha perumal in Thiru Ooragam. Ooragam signifies snake and lord Vishnu gave dharshan to Mahabali as the serpent lord, this place came to be called Ooragam and the lord is called Ooragathan.

Mahabali saw the lord only as Vamanan and wanted to see the lord as Trivikraman. He undertook penance at this divya desam, lord was pleased and gave his dharshan as Trivikraman, as the lord was towering he was not able to see the lord fully, up on his request lord gave his dharshan as Anandan.

One popular belief is that this lord fulfils prayers of unwedded girls for early marriage. A framed picture of this lord can be found on the inner prakaram of Perundevi thaayaar (thaayaar sannidhi in Varadarajar temple - Kanchipuram), the picture is identified as ‘Kalyana Naagar’. You can notice devotees tracing the profile of the lord with manjal (turmeric) prasadam.

There is no Utsava murthy (processional deity) nor any thaayaar.

This temple is regarded by some as Srivaishnava Navagrahasthalam for Raghu, and the lord blesses childless couples.
Thirumanjanam (divine bath to Perumal) done to this lord is said to cure all sorts of problems.

Location: Located in Ulagalandha perumal temple in Kanchipuram. Kanchipuram is about 75 Kms. from Chennai and is well connected by road. Travel time is between hour and a half to two.

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