Friday, September 5, 2008

Third Eye

On the look of it this temple would seem to be one among anyother temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha. your outlook would change once you see the priest perform the arathi, when he would remove the namam of Moolavar, to reveal the third eye of the lord.

Replica of Moolavr in the main gate

The Moolavar is Pataladri Narasimhar, about 8 feet tall, is part of a small hilllock. Pataladri (Sanskrit) means redhill (Patal - red and Adri - hill). Moolavar is in sitting posture, his right leg folded and with four hands. In the rear arms Lord carries Chakram (discus), in the right, and Sankhu (counch), in the left. The lower right arm is in Adhaya hastam and the left arm is rested on his lap. The Utsava murthy is Prahalada Varadhan and is seen with Sridevi and Bhudevi.

Thaayaar in this temple is Ahobilavalli and is in a seperate sannidhi.

As the Moolavar is part of the hilllock, one needs to go round the hilllock to perform pradakshinam (go round the idol). This is not the case with the thaayaar sannidhi.

Legend goes thus: The Lord manifested in this place on the preyers of Jabali rishi, who wanted to see the Lord after the slaying of Hiranyakashyapu. This village, Singaperumal Kovil, is named after the temple.

Devotees visiting this temple offer panagam (jaggery water) which the temple authorities can organise at a nominal charge of Rs. 30.

As per the temple authorities, depending on the number of ghee lamps lighted, lord bestows the following:
  • 1 gives mental peace
  • 3 would enable to excel in education
  • 9 would rid you of any Navagraha dhosham (problems related to planets in ones horoscope)
  • 12 would rid you of any dhosham related to your rasi (as per your horoscope)
  • 18 would give you power
  • 27 would rid you of any obstacles due to stars
  • 48 would help you excel in business and rid you of any fear
  • 108 would enable you to accomplish your desire
  • 508 would enable early marriage
  • 1008 would be blessed with children

Location: The temple is about 50 Kms from Chennai on the national highway towards Madurai. The temple is 3 Kms after Ford factory on the same side.

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